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“Gary was introduced to me by a friend. I was looking for someone who could produce high quality marketing materials in record time. Not only did he succeed in that objective, he also produced incredible aerial photos of my project, designed an eye-catching logo, and developed a detailed website filled with relevant data. I couldn’t have been more pleased and pleasantly surprised with the results. Gary was also just a great and fun person to work with! He has an easy going, can do attitude, which was comforting to me as we were under a serious time crunch. What I liked best about Gary, however, was his creativity, imagination, and willingness to incorporate my thoughts and ideas into professional designs and layouts. I won’t hesitate to use Gary again! He took a stressfull situation and made it into a fun experience. I would highly recommend Gary to any of my friends!”Jim White, VP of Development (Sunriver/ISR)
“We are extremely pleased with how our website turned out. We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted, though Gary and his team listened to our ideas and vision, and they were able to create a site that conveyed what we wanted to present to the market. We are thankful we were able to work with Gary and his team, and look forward to working with them in the future”Don Enlow, Vice President (Colliers International)
Stuart Thain - Colliers International
“As a life-long friend of Gary’s, I have seen firsthand the creativity and strong work ethic he possesses. His inquisitive nature and love of technology keep him continuously engaged in self-development and pushing his own boundaries. He would be an asset to any technology team.”Jeffrey Robison, Senior Engineer (American Express)

“Gary Ulrich designed the website for my company. Gary was easy to work with and he came up with excellent and creative ideas. We have been very happy with the website. It has generated many sales leads for our company. I would recommend Gary’s services. He understands this medium very well and can explain the mechanics of it to someone that is not immersed in website design allowing for easy decision making.”
Ann MacDonald, Vice President (Owensboro Specialty Polymers, Inc.)
“I have worked with Gary Ulrich for 5 years and during this time he was an integral part of our team and its success. He has great vision and creative skills that you don’t find very often and is able to execute whatever given task, and deliver in a timely and professional manner.”Stuart Thain, Executive Vice President (Colliers International)
Stuart Thain - Colliers International
“As manager of JHB Realty Advisors Gary worked with me and was in charge of putting the marketing material together for multiple properties and projects. He was directly involved with over $30 million in transactions and projects. I believe Gary‘s creativity and attention to detail assisted in making these transactions successful.”Whitney Bernson, Vice President (JHB Realty Advisors, Inc.)
Whitney Bernson - JHB Realty Advisors
“Gary produces great results. His work is creative, on time, and according to budget.”Douglas Petty, CEO (Global Trade Pipeline)
“Gary has great vision on new projects. We work in the commercial real estate business and always want to stay one step ahead of the competition, which requires constant rebranding and technology upgrades. Gary knows how to create the “wow factor” when it comes to presentations, web design and marketing materials. If he doesn’t know how to do something new immediately, he has the skills to be able to dig in and figure it out. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone looking for superb design skills and vision. He also has a great sense of humor and makes the entire process
fun from start to finish.”Cameron Simenson, Executive Vice President (Colliers International)
“Thanks for the great job you did designing our web site. It’s been extremely helpful in allowing us to get the word out about our grief support center, and provides the chance for people to contact us directly through the site, as well as donate online, pay their monthly fees, and get the information they need to determine whether our program fits their needs. We appreciate the detail and dedication to functionality that you provided, and your willingness to work with a new non-profit! We wish you well as you work with others to make their web sites sing!?Carrie Moore, Executive Director (Bradley Grief Center)
“Gary Ulrich uses the personal approach. He and I went through the needs of our site one-on-one. He made creative suggestions while incorporating the needs and ideas I had for our site. Excellent work.”Mark Warner, Mechanical Engineer (Collision Safety Engineering)